You know you're from Saskatchewan EH!! when...

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You know you're from Saskatchewan EH!! when...

Post by Mr Cojones on April 20th 2009, 7:16 pm


You wake up, start the truck and THEN hop in the shower.

It's -40 outside and you're still in the mood for a Slushie.

Your car trunk doubles as a deep freeze.

You spend more time and money planning for Craven than for Christmas.( Uh Huh ..Got my tickets )

Your town buys a Zamboni before a bus.( Thats what the skating rinks use to clean the ice surface..right Shawna )

You see no problem in cheering for Edmonton during the NHL season and despising Edmonton during the CFL season.

Your idea of a traffic jam is 10 cars waiting to pass a combine on the highway.

You remember Beep.( thats a fruity drink the mikman used to sell..)

The annual family reunion is at the Labour Day Classic.( thats a big home football game for the Riders )

You don't find anything funny about the word "Regina." (Hmmmm.. hahahaha)

You've been playing cribbage since you were eight.

You are asked if you know "Chris" from "Maymont," and you do.( I never heard of Maymont..or Chris )

The wedding date is changed after the Riders release their home schedule.

The local paper covers national and international news on one page but requires six pages for hockey.

You are upset when an outsider doesn't know the difference between a farmer and a rancher..

You live in a house that has no front step, yet the front door is one yard off the ground... no-one uses the front door anyway.

Your home town has a fully functional hockey rink, curling rink and church, but the school is closed.

Driver's Ed was a joke because you and your classmates had been driving since you were 10.

Your first car was pulled out of the bush, given a shot of ether and a can of Wynn's.

You say, "Ring those phones!" and "Where are we going?" and everybody knows to shout: "Higher!" ( there's a big Telethon every spring to raise money for kids that need medical help and their parents can't afford it )

Whenever you're going to a buddy's place anywhere but Regina or Saskatoon, it's "just off Main Street."

90 per cent of your tools were bought at Princess Auto ( local auto parts store) and the other 10 per cent at the local Co-op.( hardware/lumber/ gas store )

Mr Cojones

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