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Saw This On The Vancouver Canucks Forum

Post by shanaya on April 21st 2009, 7:41 pm

This was someone's sig, I think it is a great little story! Very Happy

Go to Hastings & Main 3 AM, go to the pay phone booth, you will receive a call, you will be asked to pick up a package from Surrey. You will deliver this package to a man named Antonio in Seattle. Go to Pike Street Market after you deliver the package. A man will approach you with a sealed envelope, DO NOT open the envelope. Take this envelope to a man named Rodriguez in The Republic of Congo, while flying back from The Congo, you flight attendant will give you a bag of peanuts, DO NOT EAT THE PEANUTS. Deliver the package of peanuts to a woman in Wyoming named Lucy. Upon delivery Lucy will give you a small burlap sac. Do not look inside the sac. Take the sac to the courthouse in downtown Vancouver. Leave the sac there. Then go to the pay phone outside the Revolving Restaurant downtown and wait for a Black Lincoln Town car to park in front of you. Get inside. Ask no questions. You will be taken to a house in Burnaby. Knock on the door. A man named Stojanov will present you with a Taylor Pyatt rookie card, signed. That is the only way I know of how to get an autograph, or you could wait outside GM Place.

(Taylor Pyatt is a Canuck player)
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Admin is da shiznit!

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