My Church has gone live/online

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My Church has gone live/online

Post by krstnvnc on June 23rd 2010, 8:21 pm

For all those who'd like to take a peak at "My Church" & hear/see my Pastor you now have the chance for we've went and gone all 21st Century LOL.
Give us as gander:
Main Home Site:
Champion TV:
Past Audio Services:
Pretty Cool!!!!!! I'm excited. Smile

Smile" alt="" />
AS ALWAYS...........THANK YOU DOREEN Smile YOU are the BESTest for Sigs Smile

Visit me at MySpace:

Go to A Movie with me at: Movie & TV Shows: ....Movieplex... (Join up n tell them ABCD sent ya Smile It may still be by recommendation only if so let me know & I will recommend you **)
The one with the crooked halo
The one with the crooked halo

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