How to install IPv6 on Windows XP

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How to install IPv6 on Windows XP

Post by shanaya on February 7th 2011, 8:46 pm

How to install IPv6 on Windows XP

You may have heard the news: the world officially runs out of IPv4 addresses this month. But never fear: IPv6 is here ... well, sort of. Many companies are converting their networks to IPv6 now, and Windows 7 comes with built in support, but what about those who are still using Windows XP? Luckily, it's easy to install the IPv6 protocol on your XP machine. Here's how:

1. Click Start | Run
2. Type cmd to open the command prompt window.
3. At the prompt, type netsh and press ENTER
4. Type interface and press ENTER
5. Type ipv6 and press ENTER
6. Type install and press ENTER

This installs IPv6. You can confirm that's been installed by typing, at the command prompt, ipconfig /all. You should see an entry under your Local Area Connection that says "Link-local IPv6 Address" and shows a hexadecimal number, separated by colons. That's your IPv6 address.

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Admin is da shiznit!

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