Nov 11th Incident

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Nov 11th Incident

Post by shanaya on December 5th 2014, 7:03 pm

Hey all, I was at work doing my usual thing and then my heart started beating erratically(it felt like that) and I felt like every time I breathed in and out it got worse. I couldn't sit down, couldn't stand up so I finally told my co-worker that I wasn't feeling good. She called 911 and they got there pretty quick. I couldn't stop shaking but I didn't feel any chest pains. They took me to hospital and I was monitored for about 3 hours. The took an xray of my heart, took 5 vials of blood for testing and everything came back normal so I am still not sure what happened. Today I went to my local lab to get a holter monitor for 24 hour heart monitoring. I have to record everything. EVERYTHING! The times I pee or poo, drive, walk, eat, sit down, sleep etc. I know I have a sensitivity to caffeine, even more so after menopause. I have been drinking a lot less and drinking more decaf. They have made decaf taste so much better these days. Can't even tell. I do still have that one cup of caffeinated coffee but then switch to decaf for any more. Seems to have helped. Prior to getting the holter monitor, I had a heart rate monitor chest strap and could read the heart rate from an app on my ipod and after drinking just one cup of coffee the beats went up significantly.
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